Wisdom Teeth Pain and Symptoms

Of all the health problems people can face, one of the most painful is tooth pain. While not usually a serious problem, tooth pain can be extraordinarily difficult to deal with. Part of this is because, by the time a tooth has pain, it can mean that a nerve ending is involved which can be highly painful.
One of the more common types of tooth pain that may or may not involve nerve pain, is wisdom tooth pain. Wisdom teeth can be a complicated tooth problem to have because unlike other teeth, wisdom teeth are not needed. They are an extra set of molars that are rarely if ever needed by humans. Humans generally have 4 wisdom teeth one each side of the top and bottom teeth. Wisdom teeth are located at the way back of the mouth at the end of the primary molars. Occasionally, there are times when a person may have 5 wisdom teeth, but this is rare. Many younger people may be unfamiliar that these teeth exist until a problem with them such as pain in the gum line or bone area begins.

Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth Problems

Wisdom tooth pain can be very persistent and problematic. It can be the cause of persistent longer-term pain of the teeth and be radiating to facial areas. There are usually several reasons for persistent pain from wisdom teeth areas. A Wisdom tooth can become painful because the tooth is breaking through the gums making the area around the tooth very painful. Usually, when this occurs, more than one wisdom tooth is trying to break through the gums at the same time. In fact, it can often occur in pairs where the two upper or the two lower wisdom teeth start to attempt to break through the gums at the same time.

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One of the other reasons wisdom teeth can be painful is if they have already broken through the gums and the tooth has become decayed from cavities. Unlike regular molar teeth, wisdom teeth are set very far back so if a person is not as conscientious when brushing, these teeth may begin to decay which can lead to tooth pain.

The other primary cause of wisdom tooth pain is when the teeth get “stuck” up in the gums or are growing in the wrong way. Teeth that are stuck in the gums that become problematic are often called “impacted wisdom teeth”. Wisdom teeth that start growing in the wrong way can cause pain as the tooth or teeth start putting pressure on other surrounding teeth.

People who are starting to show signs of problems with their wisdom teeth should consider having their wisdom teeth removed or extracted. Typically, wisdom teeth issues only get worse over time, so it is always advisable that tooth extractions be tended to readily. For people who are looking for wisdom tooth extractions, Anchorage AK has some of the best dental care available in the region for this kind of dental work.

Those dental patients who begin to notice radiating pain from the back-molar area of their teeth, or who are noticing an extra tooth has broken through the gums should consult with a dentist or oral surgeon. Most of the main symptoms of wisdom tooth trouble occurs when a wisdom tooth or teeth has begun to break through and has begun to crush other teeth. When wisdom teeth “come through” the gums they can start to deform the alignment of surrounding teeth.

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