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Significance of Law

It is important to obey the law in every society.When there is law, a country is able to live peacefully without problems.In every nation, laws are created by the legislature for all members to obey. For those people who go against the law, there are different kinds of punishment for them. In order for a country’s citizens to live in unity, there is need to obey the law.This article highlights some major benefits of the rule of law for a nation.

People living in a country or community are guarded against evil doers, by the rule of law. The rule of law is majorly concerned in protecting its people from the criminals. This is done by prosecuting the criminals in front of a court. Here, cases are presented before court and listened to so as to help the judges pass a sentence to the criminals.The sentences are different in terms of duration to be spent in jail ranging from a few days to sentence for life.

There are also community courts which help to resolve disputes that arise in a community. This is because it is common for people living together to disagree on various matters. Such local matters are resolved in the community level where they are more understood. Sometimes, a community may create the local laws in order to deal with the prevalent crimes. To avoid problems in the society, people are encouraged to desist from criminal activities.

Law helps to protect the common good of the people. When there is a penalty for wrongdoers, people will be discouraged to engage in criminal activities.But if they realize that there will be no penalties, they will not care much about their deeds. However, people will become more responsible to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.The hand of the law which is invisible will keep them on track.

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When it comes to the distribution of resources in a society, the law comes in handy. It creates equality among all people living in a community despite their age, income or status. The rule of law is very beneficial to the disabled since it gives them a platform to enjoy their rights.Therefore, with equal distribution of resources, tragic situations will not arise where people fight for property.

With the rule of law, peace is maintained in a country or community. Law ensures that people do not engage in activities that disrupt peace. People do not love spending their life in jail hence they will maintain calmness. Thus, people are encouraged to do good always.That is why many communities have moral laws to discourage their people from immoral acts.

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