When Should Kids Get Braces

When in the proper time to get braces for kids Cincinnati OH? Generally, it is not the parent that makes that important decision. The family dentist will probably be the first to recommend to the parent that the child requires braces for their teeth. Kids require braces for a wide variety of problems that might include crooked teeth, crowded teeth, underbites, overbites, and even certain jaw disorders that might interfere with the natural development of the teeth. After spotting this dental problem, the family dentist will refer you to an orthodontist for treatment.

Visiting The Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dental professional that specializes in treating misaligned teeth or jaw problems. This dental professional is the one that the child will go to, if they require further orthodontic treatment or braces. The orthodontist will examine the child’s teeth and determine if the child really does require braces or some other type of treatment.

Appropriate Age For Braces

Often, parents worry about the correct age for braces. Most dental professionals agree that you are never too young or too old for braces. However, a parent should think twice before getting braces for a very young child. Often, getting braces too young is very traumatic for the child. However, it is best to get the braces while the child’s teeth are still developing and in their growing stage. During that time, the teeth are easier to mold and form into a new position.

Popular Types Of Braces

Generally, after a consultation the orthodontist will explain all the options that are available and suitable for the child. However, all the braces have one thing in common, all are designed to correct misaligned teeth by applying pressure to move them into a normal position. The metal braces that are bonded to the teeth are the most popular type of braces. White and ceramic braces are used too. These braces are less noticeable on the teeth. Lingual braces are popular too. These braces have brackets that go behind the teeth. Today, clear braces are a new concept in dental technology. The clear braces are also known as aligners and they gently move the teeth into a new position with plastic trays.

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Length Of Treatment

The length of treatment required to correct the dental problem with the braces depends on several important factors. For example, the type of bite problem, misalignment or jaw problem that is involved and the type of braces applied to the teeth. Generally, the average dental patient must wear the braces at least 18 months. Afterwards, the dental patient is required to wear a retainer for several months or more. Soon, your child will have aligned teeth and a very beautiful smile that will last a very long time.

Your family dentist is the first to notice that your child might require braces. Some family dentists are able to apply braces. However, the family dentist might refer your child to an orthodontist for this specialized dental treatment.