What is Holistic Dentistry?

Going to the dentist is still feared by many. Dental procedures can be painful. The tools that dentists use are intimidating. For some, the drugs used at the dentist’s office are not ideal as some can have negative reactions to them. Holistic dentistry is a different approach to making sure your dental health is maintained.

Definition of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry takes a patient’s entire physical health into consideration when determining a course of treatment. Emotional and spiritual health are also discussed. The idea is to take an alternative approach to correcting dental issues by promoting overall health and wellness.

Treatment plans are made to be the least invasive and as natural as possible. It is considered to be alternative care. Some holistic dentists believe that root canals can be dangerous to a patient’s overall systematic health.

Examples of Holistic Dentistry

For some cases of gum disease, surgical procedures are suggested by traditional dentists. A holistic dentist will discuss nonsurgical methods for correcting the issue. When it comes to the materials used for fillings, holistic dentists avoid materials made with amalgam.

Prevention is a primary element of holistic dentistry. For example, a holistic dentist Chicago may suggest improving nutrition to prevent/reverse degenerative dental diseases. They are also more likely to seek a biological alternative for issues like gum disease.

Focus of the Holistic Dental Association

The Holistic Dental Association was founded in 1978. The purpose of the association is to provide a platform for holistic dentists to discuss new treatment options. The organization also leans on older practices of holistic dentistry and ways to improve these methods.

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It is essentially a learning platform. Holistic dentists that are new to the practice can be taught by elders. Discussions regarding alternative approaches to promoting improved overall health are an ongoing discussion among professionals.

Closing Thoughts

Holistic dentistry has received a lot of backlash because it is an unconventional approach to treating dental health issues. Mainstream dentists stand by the practices they were taught in dental school. Holistic dentists adamantly support the alternative methods. It is a clash of approaches within one single profession.