There are several types of digital imaging exams that are used to detect an injury or illness. You may need an open MRI, 16 slice CT scan or high resolution ultrasound to determine your condition. The thought of going through any medical procedure can be frightening, but there are several benefits of scheduling a medical digital imaging exam.

Safe and Painless

You may feel a slight discomfort during certain medical procedures, but most of the digital imaging exams are painless. It is easy to get through the procedure because you only need to lie on a table or stand near a cassette holder. The machines use little to no radiation, which is a common worry among patients. If you need an MRI and suffer from claustrophobia, you can request a scanner with a wide bore or open design.

Improved Equipment

It is no secret that technology has changed the medical field over the years. There are many hospitals and facilities that are upgrading to new and improved equipment, from the Hitachi Airis Elite to the ACUSON X300. The machines are able to scan areas ranging from your back to your abdomen with ease.

Quick Results

The days of waiting for your technician to develop the X-ray film are over. Your technician can immediately view the images on computer software, and they may even show you the images after the procedure. It only takes a few hours or days to send the results over to your doctor, so you do not have to wait several weeks for your results.

Accurate Diagnosis

The high-quality images are designed to give your doctor an accurate reading. Your doctor or technician can even manipulate the images if they need a clear or different view. This means your doctor can diagnose your condition without ordering a second scan. The best part is you do not have to sacrifice the comfort of an open design or low radiation to get accurate results.

The upgraded equipment and quick results of digital imaging exams are improving the medical world one patient at a time.