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Tips on Differentiating between Myth and Facts When Setting up a New Saltwater Aquarium

Having a safe and healthy environment for the fish should be your primary aim when setting up a new saltwater aquarium. Inaccurate information may be the most significant challenge when setting up a new saltwater aquarium. Therefore you need to know the differences between facts and myths. The following are tips on how to differentiate between facts and myths when setting up a new saltwater aquarium.

The primary objective should have a saltwater aquarium that has similar features to the ocean. This is because the fish are used to the conditions of the ocean. You need to increase the water temperatures moderately by heating it properly. You should know the rapid temperature changes can harm the fish. Knowing the right way to heat aquarium water is an essential skill to learn.

It is a myth that all fish can survive in both saltwater and freshwater. Meaning that not all fish all suitable for your saltwater aquarium. Some fish species belong to freshwaters thus putting them in a saltwater aquarium will be harmful to them. Therefore it is essential to ensure that to get the right fish for your new saltwater aquarium.

The other thing you need to know is the harm caused to the corals by having high levels of nitrates. One of the causes of ICH in fish is being exposed to high levels of nitrates. ICH is one of the most common diseases to the fish. One of the myths is that ICH can be spread through air which is inaccurate as it is usually spread through surfaces, toys or nets. There is a treatment for ICH disease which can be very fatal.

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There is a common myth that all algae are harmful to the fish which is inaccurate. It is common for algae grow in healthy saltwater aquariums however you should avoid it from overgrowing.

You should also know that you can keep both hard and soft corals under same lighting situations, therefore, no need to set up different lighting. This means that you should ignore the misconception that you require to have specialized lighting.

Knowing an ideal temperature for the saltwater aquarium is the next thing you should research on. Although it is still datable on the exact temperature level that is the best you should aim to get a range. This means that you do not go above or below an absolute temperature limit.