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Tips for Choosing a Funeral Home

If you’re looking for options for a final resting place – yours or a dearly beloved’s – there will be many that you can consider. This isn’t anything like a pleasant decision you’ll make, but it’s an important decision anyway.

The following are the most crucial points that are involved in your choice of a funeral home:

Researching Options

Proximity to home is what most people consider when choosing a funeral home. There are those that locally owned, while others are owned by large corporations. You will usually find three types of funeral home and service providers.

Full-service providers offer everything that might be needed, such as facilities, vehicles and merchandise. This is what people often think of when they hear the words, “funeral home.”

Specialized Service Providers are “storefront”-type versions of full-service providers, where services are similar but not as extensive.

Limited Service Providers offer immediate burials and direct cremations but often without rituals or ceremonies whatsoever.

People have been viewing funerals differently in recent years. Now, there are many nontraditional elements included.

For those who want more financial flexibility, some funeral homes now offer prepayment programs. Even among full-service providers, the exact inclusions and costs can still vary from one to the next, so research is absolutely important.

Making Comparisons

Probably the best thing you can do when looking for a funeral provider is to comparison-shop. This is particularly helpful if you’re preparing for the future. The Funeral Rule dictates that all potential customers calling funeral providers should be provided a pricelist that includes all offered products and services. If you’re doing a pricing research, begin online then call the funeral home directly. You don’t have to drive to the place, thus saving you money.

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The Funeral Rule

The Federal Trade Commission is in charge of implementing the Funeral Rule, which affects all funeral arrangements, whether pre-need or at-need.

The following are the major features of the Funeral Rule:

> Consumers have the option to pick goods and services they want (there are some exceptions).

> This right should be stated in writing on the funeral provider’s general price list.

> Should there be items local or state law requires consumers to purchase, this should be included in the pricelist, with a reference to the specific law.

> The funeral provider is not allowed to charge fees on caskets purchased by consumers from other suppliers, and it may also not refuse to handle caskets bought from other sources.

> Funeral providers that offer cremations should provide alternative containers.

Regardless of your preferences, pick a funeral provider that offers several options.

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