Natural Eye Therapy for the 21st Century

Natural eye therapy begins by understanding how vision works. The eyes are an organ with 2 chambers an anterior and posterior chamber. These chambers contain various structures and function that serves the eye.

The optic nerve is what processes the visual field and brings it back to the eye. This nerve is located in the back of the eye and is near arterial blood supply. This is why hypertension can increase the risk of blindness because high arterial pressure can push against the near nerve structure. Also, in the back of the eye, within the posterior chamber is a structure called the Fovea. This is your central vision, which is your area of most focus.

The rest of the eye has rods and cones which are cells that receive information on color and light and make up your peripheral vision. The posterior chamber and anterior chamber are separate structures which are filled with a gel-like fluid called vitreous humor. Sometimes proteins can be present in the posterior chamber and you can sometimes see them as you move your eyes, commonly known as “eye floater”. These are typically harmless but can be removed if they become a nuance.

The Lens sits between the anterior chamber and posterior chamber and helps focus light and the vision with the help of the iris, which acts like the diaphragm on a camera. The Anterior chamber has a drainage system which drains the fluid it contains that cells called ciliary bodies produce. If the drainage system becomes blocked the pressure in the anterior chamber increases and leads to a condition called glaucoma. This can damage the optic nerve much like hypertension. By understanding the anatomy and physiology of the eye, natural eye therapy makes not only sense but also helps understand healthy ways of living.

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CataractsMacular Degeneration, Poor Night vision, and eye strain may be treated or palliated with natural eye care. Eyes like any other organs require nutrients such as vitamin C and E, Lutein, and omega fatty acids. Dietary modifications can be made to increase the intake of important nutrients. Modifying diets to lower sodium may decrease hypertension and put less pressure on the optic nerve. By no means does natural eye therapy substitute professional medical care but it is a great modality for preventing disease before it arises.

Physical therapy for the eye also helps improve vision clarity for both near and far-sighted individuals. Exercises for the eyes also help us, especially in today’s technology-driven society. Because our eyes are focused on a screen that doesn’t change in depth, our eyes don’t work on focusing on near and far objects. The 20-20-20 method is an eye exercise where after 20 minutes of staring at a computer you look away for 20 seconds at an object 20 foot away. By this way, your eyes focusing mechanisms get exercise. There are many other natural eye therapy therapies that can help extend good quality vision well into your golden years. Visiting your trusted eye care professional to see what natural eye therapy therapies may help you.

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