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Methods Used In Countering The Issue Of Soil Erosion.

Soil erosion is the removal of soil from one place to another. Soil always moves in small amounts and this is normal in nature. The process of eroding soil could go unnoticed when it is slow. Movement of soil can be very big and have a great negative effect on the land.

Agents of soil erosion take advantage of the formation, cutting and exposition of soil. Disccovering the effects early enough can be used to counter soil erosion. Both human and natural activities can cause soil erosion.

There are certain selective activities by humans that enhance soil erosion. The two top most causes of soil erosion are water and wind. Soil erosion is enhanced by certain things. They are.;

One is the texture of the soil. Tiny soils get eroded faster than others.

Steepness is a great determinant of soil erosion. The steeper the slope, the high effect erosion will have on that land.

Excessive use of soil makes it easy for it to be eroded.

The intensity and amount of rain in a particular area for example determines the effects of soil erosion as the higher the amount of rain the more the erosion will occur.

Trees act as wind catchers meaning when planted they prevent excessive wind from passing over a certain area. Lack of trees makes causes suspension of soil by the wind.

On-site effects are effects experienced on the land that soil has been removed while off-site effects are those where soil has been transferred to. Nutrients of the soil are taken away from the area that soil is suspended from. When soil is suspended it is taken to a new area and has some effects on the land it has been deposited too.

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In order to know how to deal with the problem of soil erosion, one needs to understand how each process occurs and this will help in dealing with it. The following are some of the ways people have invented to deal with the above effects of soil erosion.;
Ensuring that there is a lot of vegetation on land. This includes the planting of crops and reducing long period tillage by practicing shift farming. Learning that many trees can prevent excessive winds from blowing is a major boost of preventing soil erosion.

Many people have used different methods especially in dealing with water erosion. Technology has enhanced the prevention of erosion by providing some products that counter the effects of erosion. New inventions like planting grass over a large piece of land and root enhancement has made soil erosion almost impossible. Laws have been put to deal with those who do not ensure prevention of soil erosion the world over.

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