Home Treatments for Herniated Lumbar Disc Pain

A herniated lumbar disc can cause serious pain. One of the primary areas it creates pain is in the area around the sciatic nerve, which can be excruciating. Sciatica pain is commonly described by patients as a burning, piercing, searing, radiating pain that goes along the sciatic nerve, and down into the legs. Sometimes, the herniated disc can place pressure on the sciatic nerve, and the pressure can cause numbness in the legs, loss of balance, and even dangerous falls.

Pain Relief for Herniated Lumbar Discs

Just like there is no single treatment for herniated discs that works for everyone, there is no single treatment for herniated disc pain that works for everyone. Most patients find that they must try more than one method of pain relief, and even then, they need to alternate between methods of relieving the pain. Because of this, doctors who provide herniated disc treatment venice fl, want patients to be aware of these three common methods to relieve the pain associated with herniated lumbar discs.

Use Heat for Muscle Spasms

Most people consider muscle spasms to be a minor issue associated with their back. However, anyone who has experienced one in their lower back can tell you, they are serious and extremely painful. If you have a muscle spasm, try placing a heating pad, or a reasonably hot compress on your lower back. You should do this periodically throughout the day. Take time to evaluate how different forms of heat therapy work for you, and how much it reduces the pain associated with muscle spasms.

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Consider Having Your Doctor Perform an Epidural Steroid Injection

If you are looking for immediate pain relief from your doctor, ask if you are a candidate for epidural steroid injections. Not only are the extremely effective, they provide immediate relief of pain from herniated lumbar discs. The steroid injection delivers a strong anti-inflammatory medication that goes directly into the nerves that are affected in your lower back. The goal of the epidural steroid injections is to provide patients with enough pain relief that they are able to begin an exercise program, or physical therapy program, that will provide long-term relief of pain.

Talk to Your Doctor About Whether Manual Manipulation is Right for You

One of the most used types of manual manipulation for herniated lumbar discs is high-velocity-low-amplitude force. This force is applied to the affected area, more specifically the nerve that is affected if your doctor can isolate it. This will shift the pressure away from the affected nerve to allow it time to heal.

While there are several ways this force can be applied, it should not be done in any way that involves popping the back or any sudden movement of the spine. This could worsen the problem. If you are suffering from pain associated with a herniated lumbar disc, talk to your doctor about various pain relief methods that work for patients with a similar condition to your own. They may be able to provide better insight into what options you have for pain relief.