Your Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Ooty

Winters have arrived, and everyone is in a festive mood already awaiting the Christmas and New Year. Christmas, one of the popular festivals is celebrated with great enthusiasm everywhere in the world. Along with this, it is also a time for the families’ reunion that means parties and so much of entertainment. Some people enjoy the festival at their place, while some plan to celebrate it in a beautiful destination. Ooty is one of the places where you can celebrate Christmas with fun and enjoyment. The pleasant weather, scenic views and much more make Ooty a perfect place for destination festive celebrations.

But before making to the destination, make sure you have everything planned and settled. Finding one of the best hotels in Ooty is the major concern as you may face difficulty in finding due to the festive season. So, it would be better if you book a room in a hotel online before your visit.

One of the famous hill stations in South India, Ooty is situated in the Nilgiri Hills. It is also considered one of the best places for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with your near and dear ones. The lakes, hills, cottages, mountains and much more is here to explore and enjoy on Christmas Eve. You can choose among the beautiful and luxurious resorts to stay and enjoy your festive eve there. Many hotels and resorts arrange a special celebration for their guests and can add more on your request.

You can also head to bars to experience the thrilling nightlife in Ooty and to spend your Christmas Eve. Bars usually have a special theme on such festivals that you can enjoy. Here is the list of bars that you can take a visit to:

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Selbournes Bar: Located near the Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Selbournes Bar offers tempting entrees and appetizers. This multi-cuisine bar also offers a great range of alcoholic beverages. Done with wooden furnishings, it can accommodate almost 32 persons at a time. You can also have your stomach full at the Pavilion- a multi-cuisine restaurant with a capacity of 64 persons.

The Valley Bar: Located in the centre of the city, the Valley Bar comes under the Holiday Inn Hotel and stands with all its elegance. The bar is near to many tourist spots and thus, popular among the tourists for their celebrations. The place offers some of the best wine in the town with an amazing range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are many shopping areas near the bar as well, so when to think of doing something different, go shopping.

Canterbury Bar: A charming bar due to the location and music it offers, Canterbury Bar is located at the beautiful Taj Savoy set in sex acres of flower gardens. Holding the British style look, the bar offers an elegant historic atmosphere. It also offers a good selection of good cocktails, best wines and liquor of superb quality. You can enjoy your drinks on the green lawns here.

These top picks from the list of bars in Ooty can make your Christmas eve memorable and fun-filled. You can enjoy the music here from the famous bands and have a jolly good time in Ooty with your friends and family.

Ooty is really a popular destination because of all the facilities it offers. You can book one of the best hotels in Ooty for your stay that would compliment your visit. The best part is that you can choose to spend your festive eve in the hotel only. So, choose wisely when you want to celebrate more!

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