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Characteristic Of A Good Life Coach.

When you go through the internet you will find a lot of life coaches that offer different courses, but before you go for that life coach it is essential that you note the following.

Good communication techniques are expected from a life coach. Most of the people will tend to think that in order to be a good coach then you must be a listener. But being a coach is more than just listening. It is worth noting that as a coach you should listen most of the time so as to get all the points that the client need to be addressed. When it comes to the communication between the client and the coach then the 80/20 rule sets in meaning that the coach should listen 80% and speak 20%. The the coach should be able to read the heart of the client and at the same time understand what the client is saying by word of mouth.

The coach should pose great questions. The coach should ask vast questions. The importance of listening in a conversation is to create a room of understanding what the client is saying. The coach must be clear in their questioning. The the question should be characterized by openness. The question should be in such a way that it moves towards what the client wants and not for the interest of the coach.

The the coach should be confident. Confidence in a business is vital. It is important to note that as a coach you are tackling people who need your help. So as to convince the client that you will handle his or her problem, it is essential that you show high levels of confidence. There comes a situation that the client’s problem is huge and at this point the work of the coach is not to solve the client’s problem but to help the client find their way forward. a high level of confidence is therefore required to win the confidence of the client.

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A professional live coach should show sincerity and empathy . Client approach the coaches with various goals and issues. It can be difficult for some people to approach a life coach. If the coach is real he or she will assist the client. When the coach expresses sincerity then the client will feel more comfortable and relaxed. As a coach it is vital that you understand that some clients are moving out of their comfort zones and they are stressed up with the outcomes. Having the aspect of empathy and giving the client a room to move at their own pace, will be much helpful.

The coach should be a good goal setter. Goal setting is very vital for a coach. When you lack a purpose then you will never realize whether you have met your aims or not.

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