Discover More on the History of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Since they opened their doors in 1923, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has been working tirelessly to ensure their patients’ needs come first. This ever-evolving medical network strives to provide the full medical services the community needs so they will have one source for all of their medical care. With this information, they hope to provide facts on their history and how they have made a difference in the medical care in the state of Maryland.

How it All Began

The doors of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center were opened in 1923 after world-renowned combat surgeon Frank Lahey decided a medical facility was very much needed in the state. His plan was to create a medical clinic that could treat a wide array of health issues under one roof.

At the time of its opening, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center only saw patients on an outpatient basis. This means the team of doctors and other medical professionals spent a great part of their day traveling to various hospitals in the area, including New England Baptist, Peter Bent Brigham, and New England Deaconess. The original team worked long and laborious hours, with some shifts lasting more than 24-hours.

Lahey Became a Teaching Clinic

Dr. Lahey was one of the greatest medical teachers of all time and was known all over the world for his skill and knowledge. He was always willing to pass on his knowledge to help others in the medical field and it was not long until his clinic became a great source of information because they were providing the latest technological innovations in health care.

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Over the years, the clinic greatly expanded. In 1971, the current medical center was unanimously voted on, launching the beginning of what it would become today. Today, the hospital offers over 500 physicians and over 5,000 nurses and other medical staff to ensure their patients receive the highest level of medical care.

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