Caring For Your Feet

When you experience any kind of foot pain that doesn’t go away with medications or at-home treatments, then consider visiting a foot specialist. Sometimes, issues with the feet can be an indication of other health issues that are going on in the body, such as diabetes or an infection. Without proper care and treatments that a foot and ankle clinic Winter Park FL offers, then the problem could become debilitating in a short time.

Any time you notice a cut or sore on the foot that won’t heal, you should seek treatment from a doctor. This is often one of the first signs of being a diabetic. An infection can quickly set up if the area does not heal. If you are a diabetic and have a cut or sore on your foot, then you need to consult with your doctor to get the proper medications because any issue with the foot can quickly lead to an amputation of a toe or the entire foot. Long toenails should be cut by a doctor as well if you’re a diabetic to prevent bleeding or an infection from occurring.

If an exercise routine, especially one that involves running, is in your near future, then you should consult with a foot doctor to ensure that your feet are in the proper shape to handle the impact of your feet hitting the pavement. You can get special shoes that are made for running to cushion the impact on your feet while running so that there isn’t as much strain on the ankles as well. Any kind of pain in your feet or ankles could indicate arthritis or a heel spur. Pay attention to whether the pain is worse in the morning when you get up or if it’s worse after standing on your feet for long periods of time. Most heel spurs become irritated after you are in one position for awhile.

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