Anesthesia, Anesthesia Where for Art Thou?

The different kinds of ways to administer anesthesia these days are flabbergasting. The continuous use of the anesthesia machine is the most commonly used in the healthcare field. The constant flow anesthesia machine is specifically designed to administer medical gases (such as oxygen and nitrous oxide) accurately and continuously. Preparing a gas mixture is one of the primary functions of a primary anesthesia machine. Infant anesthesia machines would not be the same as veterinary anesthesia machines. And veterinary anesthesia systems would not be the same as dental anesthesia machines. Depending on what field you are in, there are several different options and new developments for which anesthesia machine you should use. Most medical supply stores specialize in a branch so make sure you do your homework.

Infant anesthesia machines are plentiful. They are known as infant anesthesia workstations. These anesthesia machines are used for infants, pediatric and even can be used for some adults. These machines include integrated monitors that also display the respiratory parameters of all the patients that use them. Some of the more advanced Infant anesthesia workstations come with a bag-in bottle ventilator that can handle a wide range of obstacles that occur with neonates. You want to make sure the machine has an integrated monitor for volume and anesthesia agents such as O2 and CO2 to name a few.

Veterinary anesthesia systems are entirely different and for an excellent reason., Sometimes you will need the position of the device to be in a different place. There are all kinds of different species of animals, and there is only one kind of human. Therefore, if you were seeking a veterinary anesthesia machine, there would be several kids that you would need to choose from. There are small animal anesthesia machines. Just think about how many tiny creatures there are out there. What if you had a kitten or a hamster? You would need something more suitable for their small size. Then there are tabletop anesthesia machines for all animals that need to be on a table. Think “walrus,” or even bigger. But there are some general “all inclusive” veterinary anesthesia machines like the complete animal Aphrodite machine and the Vet Anastasia machine KAN 7300.

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Next, we must mention the Dental anesthesia machines. In the dental field, they use some of the same technologies that you would see in the hospital except they are not movable. You might see more oral anesthesia being administered in the dental field unless you are in an oral surgery office for a tooth extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth. The dental machines vary, but the cost and uses are the same as the medical field. They could be used interchangeably in some scenarios.

Make sure you do your research before deciding. Who would have ever though there were so many different types of anesthesia machines? The next time you watch a movie or see an anesthesia station remember it was specifically designed for what it is doing.