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What to You Must Know Before Buying an Industrial Pump

Unlike domestic pumps which are mainly used to pump water, industrial pumps can be used to pump a lot more than just water. Compared to the pumps used at home, industrial pumps are bigger. The industrial pumps are also more advanced than the pumps used at home. Some of the materials pumped through pumps in industries include water, chemicals, petroleum products, sludge, slurry and food. Owing to the difference in viscosity of the materials being pumped, industrial pumps have the ability to pump high pressure. The fact that the fluids pumped are of different chemical composition makes it necessary to have the pumps made in different designs and from different materials. To help understand some of the things to consider when getting an industrial pump, below are some important tips.

Size and nature of your industry is the first thing you need to look into before the purchase of a pump. There are industries that deal primarily with liquids. These include petroleum, water and chemical companies. The pumps used in such industries have to be able to pump large volumes of fluids at very high pressures. The nature and work of these industries requires also the pumps to push the liquids for a long time.Details such as the pumps longevity and pressure it can generate are normally given in the pumps specifications.

The second thing in a pump as an industrial pump buyer you should consider is the nature of the material to be pumped. Earlier ,we established that some of the material pumped by industrial pumps include petroleum products, food and chemicals. Chemicals being corrosive will need to be pumped by pumps that can resist corrosion by the fluid. For pumps used to pump water and other fluids with oxygen, the pumps should be those that cannot rust. Pumps for food materials should be made of substances that cannot contaminate the food.

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Another thing one also needs to put into consideration when buying an industrial pump is its power consumption. This single factor may determine the amount of profit that an industry makes. Pumps that take in a lot of power use up a huge amount of money from the industries’ revenues. The amount of power pump consumes may be determined by checking the manufactures manual. The value of the product you are pumping may give you an inclination on the effect of the pump’s power consumption on your profits.

Lastly, consider the ease of customizing the industrial pump. Some of the common customizations done on industrial pumps include change of direction of flow and addition of pipes or valves. Your pump’s customization depends on the needs of the industry or the fluids being pumped. The easier pumps to customize in most occasion give the best service.

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